Photos by Jen Fariello Photography

Photos by Jen Fariello Photography

I'm a designer. I'm a business owner. I just turned 30. I like life. I like my boobs. I have breast cancer. Oh and yes, much to surprise to some friends, my boobs really are Double Ds. Well may not be for long... 

I wanted to be able to get this blog out there for a few reasons.

Therapy.   Updates.   Awareness.  

The hardest part so far was telling people. But now that it is out there, I can't keep it in. It now is a part of me. And I want to talk about it. To get it off my chest. To laugh about it. To make it be normal. AND to spread awareness that in hopes someone else catches it this early too. 

I turned 30 August 3rd. I found a lump August 28th. I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma September 9th. I feel like I have always been surrounded by Breast Cancer and have really always felt an urge to be a part of the fight. I wasn't really meaning to be this close to it. But here goes — my story about my freakin' fight against Clawrilla. The Bitch is going down. 

Feel your tatas. 

Dani and my girls.


All have I asked for help, is for you to donate to your nearest cause of choice and FEEL YOUR TATAS! But I also would not turn down inspirational letters and notes (considering that is my life's career and obsession). You can mail or drop off things at the store...

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Since I am a graphic designer, I am not good at grammar so I extremely apologize (mostly to my business partner) for my thought rambles and the longest run on sentences. I'm busy dealing with cancer rules, so I want this to be a grammar judgement free zone.