PUMP me up

It is 3 weeks after my surgery and I had a big day. I BLOW DRIED MY HAIR BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME! I did need help washing it still though. (Thanks mom.) But I was actually finally feeling really good. I was being more active, more motivated, and not as sore.

I was heading into town to see my two docs. But first swung by rock paper scissors to see my fabulous rps family to celebrate a birthday and check on things. It was great to be back and I'm so incredibly thankful for everyone there for taking over while I have been gone and have truly let me be able to recover and relax. And I'm grateful this seemed to be perfect timing with work and life for me to find it and have all this happen. With fall wedding season ending and holidays beginning. 


Then I headed to my Plastic Surgeon. He said everything looked good and gave me my first PUMP UP. Its pretty much like Nike Pumps...except with a magnet finder (like a stud finder) and a very large syringe. I have these tissue expanders under my chest tissue to stretch these out so they can put the implants in and have some protection. It really is hilarious when you really think about it. Luckily I don't have much feeling in my boobs anymore, so I couldn't really feel it so it didn't hurt...

Until about 2 hours later after my next Breast Surgeon appointment. He also said everything looked good. And basically now we are waiting for a final Tumor test, awaiting my Onca Score. To find out if I would need Chemo or not. I think we have ruled out Radiation since the second procedure was negative. But with the Onca Score, this scores the aggressiveness of the cancer. So if my score is a certain number then my cancer is more aggressive. So they would want to do chemo just incase there was something somewhere else hidden ever so slightly in some odd corner somewhere. So they can kill it and have less worry of reoccurrence. 

Should know in a week or so, so keep some good thoughts that my score is low...like below par golf low. 

Then I'll see a Medical Oncologist for further treatment, whether it is chemo or other. 

Hurry up and wait. Lots of hurry ups and lots of waiting. 

Dani and slightly pumped up and sore girls