Congrats! You gave "birth" to 18 eggs!

Well technically, 13 good mature eggs, 4 immature eggs and 1 dud. 

I have 13 good mature eggs chillin' (literally) in the freezer until I'm ready to fertilize and plant them in me! They even freeze the "immature" eggs. Immature eggs just mean that they haven't matured to the state they need to be in to be fertilized and all that stuff, but they still freeze them anyways, because with technology changing so fast, you never know if they will come up with the technology to do what they need to do to mature them over the next 5-15 years when I wanna use one. And then one "dud." Poor guy didn't make it. 

Let me backtrack a little to the moment I walked in the pre-op room. Remember, my last blog was the day before this. I met a nurse I had never met before, which was a little surprising, since I was literally at the Reproductive office everyday for 9 straight days. Also since I was their "fun" case—the fertile single cancer girl who was getting her boobs "pumped up" and rushing to get her eggs frozen before chemo. I definitely was a lone case in the waiting room everyday, as compared to the couples and children who filled it up.

But any-who, this nurse as she tells me prep instructions...strip, saddle up, spread know.... (not really like that - I'm obviously dramatizing)...

She hands me card with "Dani" on the front and says I'm not sure if this is appropriate but I felt I wanted to do it. I say, do you know I own a card shop? She said yeah, I'm good friends with a mutual friend and her mom shared your blog to me yesterday (she knew this nurse was MJ Reproductive but did not know that I would be her patient).

And this is what the card said...

I mean, how amazingly ridiculously special was this moment. I'm still completely stunned by this small act of community, kindness and support. I am literally the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by such an amazing community and family and friends who are even friends with amazing friends that this circles back to me on such short notice. 

Just makes me also realize that every step I have taken through this journey has been completely supported by all the powers around me and makes me feel like I'm definitely on the right track. I'll take all these signs and know for sure that these eggs will definitely be taken care of and good hopes that one day I'll be able to create little Dani's (or Danny's) and not have my genes go extinct. In also hopes I find that handsome donor with awesome genes to create amazing little humans. 

There is always hope, if you let it find you and listen to the signs around you. You may have to work for it and shoot yourself up for 11 days sometimes, but totally worth the mindset that I will not have this option in the future. 

To tell a little bit of the procedure, I did have to saddle up, but I had General Anesthesia so completely out. My 3rd official surgery through all this. It only lasted 20-30 minutes and I was pretty crampy the full day and the next day after this. But bearable - especially with some Oxy. 

Dani and her girls (and chilly eggs of future girls and boys)