Road to Recovery

Well, my energy isn't the highest right now. So I will be brief here. But here I am at home...still in some pain, flat chested and hopeful* to say cancer free! Surgery went really well, both my doctors called it "boring" which is what I wanted to hear. They just took one lymph node and had done the preliminary tests on that which came back negative! (thats like a 99% accuracy). The full and final results come back early next week with my full pathology report which will determine next steps. But a damn good start I think. My plastic surgeon was able to get a bit more saline into my expanders than expected so I'm not completely flat. Aside from the cancer part, I think the other big part was making sure my nipples stay alive. And so far they look great!  I really don't remember too much of Thursday, rolling in and out of consciousness after the surgery, but I do remember not being scared before the surgery. I just had a really good confidence in my doctors. And all 10+ people who visited me Thursday/Friday all agreed. 

I truly did feel all the prayers, love, support, cancer dances, mediations, etc. that have been sent my way this week. I really do feel so incredibly lucky to be so loved! 

#letshearitforthegirls #savethenipples #savethetatas