HUMP day - well a Bump day rather...

Yes, I'm thinking of the great commercial with the Camel walking around yelling HUMP DAAY! But let's be honest, right now, my commercial should be more like a horse walking around saying BUMP DAAY or rather LUMP FREE DAAY. As I definitely only have little lady bumps than my lovely lady humps from before...and my cancer lump has officially left the building (as of last Thursday). 

(I forgot if I mentioned that I do have a little bit of a boob as he was able to put 250 cc of saline in my expanders at the time of surgery...maybe a small A.

I see my plastic surgeon tomorrow (my first week anniversary since the surgery) to *hopefully* remove my drains. I don't know if it is because my mom, sister and I aren't as squeamish, but the drains haven't been that bad. My adorable holsters that the ladies at my doctor's office made were perfect for holding them. See my sexy photo below of me having fun with them after a fresh dose of pain meds + muscle relaxers. Put 'em up!

Put 'em up! Bang Bang! Now that is sexy! 

Put 'em up! Bang Bang! Now that is sexy! 

I also go see my Breast Surgeon on Friday for a small precautionary procedure and to review some test results and everything, but he said everything looks very very good and promising! I won't go into too much detail until I know more, but it is positive thus far ;) Wahoo!

Since last Thursday, a few of my favorite things, BACK SCRATCHES (omg - so freaking good, especially with some lavender oil), the fact that from after surgery I have been able to "Wipe my own ass!" (cue that cute kid in Big Daddy), my mother (she deserves a freakin' medal), bendy straws, my whole family, my friends, boob jokes, my back porch watching the leaves change, my amazing doctors, my amazing nurses, and oh yeah - my delicious cocktails of pain meds and muscle relaxers. 

me and the little girls.