feeling thankful

Card by Moglea

Card by Moglea

For this year, I seem to have a whole different outlook on Thanksgiving. 

I started reflecting over this whole few months and just really realize how much I am grateful for...

my healthy tatas for one (and two)
my amazing breast surgeon for cleaning out my cancer boobs
my amazing plastic surgeon for pumping up and creating me new perky boobs
every single person I have met at Martha Jefferson Hospital during all of this
a healthy and quick recovery (no infections or complications)
my primary care doctor who told me she loved me before my official diagnosis
a dear friend and breast cancer survivor who sparked me to feel my tatas one friday night
which made me find it early...enough
my intuition and gut for helping me make every decision clearly and confidently
every single piece of support I have received throughout this
my insanely generous, thoughtful and hilarious friends
the people who I barely know or haven't even met who have sent their support
heating pads
the fact that I am writing over 100 thank you cards (why it is taking some time)
my awesome business partner for letting me take the time to recover through all this
a thriving business I have owned for close to 6 years
the timing of all this so I could take time off and not stress (after wedding season)
amazing employees who have been nothing but supportive while I have been out
our amazing country and my family members who have and are currently serving to protect us
my sweet overprotective momma for taking care of me (even when I tried to push her away)
my supportive and amazing family for being there, for me and each other
my guardian breast cancer angels up there by my side through this (esp. grandma tunnie)

My list could go on, but this at least summarizes it. 
I hope you take the time to reflect your surroundings and really appreciate the love, support, joy, laughter, peace, protection and health this season (and on a daily basis). I know this whole experience has made me feel like the luckiest gal around!

THANK YOU for all of your support and being a part of my list ;) 

Dani and the lucky girls