no less a woman


9 weeks since my diagnosis.
4 weeks out of the surgery.
1 month of being cancer free.
2 new growing fake boobies. 

and finally....Man, I feel like a woman
(yes, cue Shania Twain)

I shot this as I was getting ready for my plastic surgeon appointment this past Thursday. I can wash and dry my hair now. So as I got ready, it really was the first time, I was like finally...whoa I'm started to feel pretty (and independent) again. 

I started getting my Sexy Back.
(cue Justin Timberlake)

and these are 2 of my favorite things. 
(cue Mary Poppins and a thunderstorm)

1. My Sexy Back Bra
sponsored and given by a bff

This little number came in right after surgery when I was all foggy from pain and meds and I had to let it sit in a corner until I could wear it. And then in all honesty when I finally did put this high prized little number on, I didn't realize the full capacity that this little lacey pink thing had to me. You saw below how much unfavorable my surgical bra was. And I have to wear these compression zip up sports bras for a few months now (day AND night) and well pickin's are slim on comfort and aesthetic. I had spent like hours online trying to find out some to ship me and just got so depressed at my options. Definitely not the the sexiest. But this bra, THIS BRA brought my sexy back. And It seriously was one of the happiest moments since finding out I had cancer, and probably the best moment since I chopped off my beautiful boobs. 

The Stella McCartney Louise Listening Bra in support of the Hello Beautiful Foundation was specifically designed as a post mastectomy Bra to do just that...bring your sexy back. Even when I didn't realize that I had lost it. But it made me feel like a woman again. Stella McCartney's mother passed from Breast Cancer and Jane Hutchison of the Hello Beautiful Foundation is a breast cancer survivor. Read up more on the Louise Listening Bra - I have to warn you there will be graphic images on Stella's webpage. They also partnered with a photographer who photographed different real life mastectomy patients. And also check out Hello Beautiful Foundation as well. 

2. My Cancer Pants. 
sponsored and given with love by a bff + Lululemon in Charlottesville. 
Next up, these are Lululemon's High Times high waisted Yoga Pants. I loved working out and lounging around in them (before the cancer) because they seemed to smooth out and hide that unwanted section around your waist. That forbidden muffin top that we are scared to even say out loud. I started wearing them to my Doc appointments, because let's face it, as soon as I walk in I have to take off my top. And well, these pants just make me feel comfortable. They are higher wasted and make things a little bit more comfortably as your getting poked and prodded up there. So you don't have to worry about your 'muffin top' or the chill in the air. I started calling them my "Cancer Pants" from the beginning and then Lululemon C'ville hooked me up for 2 more pairs. So thank YOU Lululemon Charlottesville for hooking me up with my favorite Cancer Pants and making me feel comfortable and all tucked in through each appointment and in life. Even if my doc's find it weird they don't see my belly button...or hey maybe I'm just pulling the T-Swift...hide your belly button at all cost. 

So go visit my friends over there because they are pretty awesome.

Let me also mention that because my arm strength was weak, I couldn't wear them for 2 weeks after the surgery...hard to put on tight pants by myself..."no pulling."

So there you have it, it isn't an outfit made from curtains and no I'm not jumping on beds yet (ouch) singing like a von Trapp family member. But I'm coming back and to follow Stella McCartney's hashtag....I feel NO LESS A WOMAN. 

Dani and my sexy new girls