Half way there & definitely living on a prayer

Chemo Cycle 3 Day 1. HALF WAY THROUGH CHEMO! 

Had some great chemo buddies today, even 2 surprise buddies.

My fabulous business partner and good friend. Then one of my friends is in Medical Device Sales and happened to be free at Martha Jeff and came by to hang out. And I told him about my open wound from a bowling alley this weekend and he said no we can't have that...so he rushed out and grabbed some derma-bond for me and my poor finger. Worked like a charm! No more dirty bowling alley germs for me! 

Then I ran into my Great Uncle who also had his fusion today as well...we have the same Oncologist! Small world right! Feels good whenever I see him there...just makes it a family affair and also a little bit better knowing we are both going through this together. 

We ran my Taxotere 45 minutes shorter this time because I hadn't gotten any reactions from the previous transfusions.  (usually it has been an hour and 45, so this time was only an hour). So I got out of there a lot faster. I also got prescribed some meds that will hopefully help my hot flashes. They are in like WHOA! (please say like Joey from Blossom)! The hot flashes are from my medically induced menopause. I haven't really slept a full night in weeks and get them pretty badly throughout the day. So I'm really hoping this will help!!! 

Dani (aka Frenchie today) and the hot flashy girls

PS Loving the pink wig way more than I thought!