Bald is Beautiful

THERE. You have it...the infamous bald photo that I know you have been waiting for!

Your Welcome.

This was just as about as nerve racking to post as when I first told you I had cancer. So sorry it has taken awhile to get around to! 

As you can tell I still have hair on my head, not much, but there is still some there. Yeahhh...I'm reaching... Enough that I got a haircut 3 days ago. What hair I did have was growing so it really looked like a "rat head" - as I was so delightfully called. So I buzzed it shorter, so I now feel at least groomed. You can also tell my eyebrows thinned, my righty seems to have a small chunk missing (its your left in the photo). 

So this is 5 weeks after I shaved my head the first time and I've noticed my hair (what I have left) hasn't really been falling out for weeks. Let's hope that this all doesn't fall out and it just starts growing since I only have one treatment left. But we will see... 

Everyone seems to tell me I have a nice round head...I'll take that as a compliment! I guess we never know until we are bald. 

Update on the chemo...Cycle 3 week (last week) was the worst of the 3 but still bearable. I just had some dizzy spells, nausea, more joint pain and just more exhaustion. This week, I'm working away and working out some too and feeling pretty good and normal!  

Oh and less hot flashes! Alleluia!! The medicine freakin' works! 

Dani, baldy and the girls