I got 99 problems and chemo aint one.


Well my final Chemo Day February 22, 2016. So of course I had to wear my rainbow bright wig. And the rule was that everyone had to wear wigs who joined in the fun that day...my mom, my friend Kelly and even my friend Sean who stopped by while he was at work at the hospital. It was a good day, they gave me a yellow smiley face balloon...you know one of those balloons, you only give to 5 year olds. I got one, and was damn proud of it. It floated in my room for weeks.

Throughout the whole process I try to pass as normal as much as you can and even through chemo, you don't quite get it until a few rare occasions. And when I was done with my transfusion, they walked me over to a bell and I had my doctor, all the nurses, all the volunteers in that day surround me and cheered me on as I rang the bell. I remember asking, am I supposed to say something special. They said no. So I just rang it loud and clear and shouted. "FUCK CANCER! and a huge Thank You!" It was definitely one of those moments that hit me emotionally...

Holy Crap I just went through Chemo. 

We went out to eat for lunch to celebrate downtown. And it was mandatory that we all had our wigs on...even Momma Korry. The restaurant we went to were a little unsure of us at first, of course judging and thought we were going to be rowdy hoodlums as I walk in with the above outfit and a smily face balloon attached to my wrist like a 5 yr old that may run away. But once they realized the occasion, they obviously couldn't be sweeter.

I've learned a lot about judging and stereotypes and peoples first reactions through this. Which is another blog post. Seeing people and even innocent children react to me and my bald head, I have been that person of interest and stares. I've been given strength because of it and empathy for anyone going through anything they cannot control - especially on the outside.

Anyways, back to chemo week....this was probably my worst week. I had no appetite for anything. My poor mom just kept on trying to feed me similar things that I had eaten the past infusions, but would immediately refuse them all. All I had the stomach for was Eggos (which compared to a pregnant friend of mine - we shared this immense craving that we probably were not so proud of). I also slept more and have more body aches and it lasted a few days longer.

But overall there was a sense of relief that it was the last time I would have to feel this way so it (knock on wood).