Curing hot flashes in Puerto Rico

with Puerto Rican Rum and Cokes. 

In all honesty, the alcohol is more than likely the culprit for the hot flashes (along with the Caribbean weather and myself still in menopause). But yes this was at least an immediate cure for this particular hot flash. 

Usually through the week, I would just run into the ocean, since we just spent most of our time on the beach. 

It was a kind of last minute trip and I asked my Oncologist right before my last chemo if it was okay to travel to Puerto Rico 3 weeks after my last chemo transfusion. She said "Of course!! Have fun!" I think since my blood levels and overall reactions to chemo have been pretty well, she knew I would be okay, and like she said, now good therapy treatment for my mind. 

I sunscreen my bald head pretty good, even if I did burn it slightly...I mean it did need some sun, lets be honest. I also was pretty good about trying not to burn too much because I wasn't sure what all the Chemo chemicals would have made my skin more sensitive. And I felt that my energy levels were really good and my taste buds were getting back to normal. 

But I survived. I mostly just wore scarves, floppy hats and sported my bald head when we went out. Too hot for wigs and a lot of the time too hot for anything on my head. First time I really felt comfortable enough to just go without anything. I didn't know anyone and you are on an one judges anything when your on an island....well to an extent. I did learn, especially in airports, I just kept my eyes low and didn't make eye contact with people because I learned I would more than likely meet someone's eyes that were staring at me. 

Also while in airports, I was nervous about setting off the alarms because I still had expanders in, they have magnets in them so I thought it would set something off. So I just carried my little Mentor Expander Implant Gold Membership Exclusive Club Card with me and walked through the x-ray machine without a hat or anything on my head. I figured if they did see something in the machines in precisely those two exact spots where my breasts would be, the bald chemo head would have cleared up their questions. Which it did, I was never stopped or questioned. 

Bathing suits were also tricky since my breasts were not the perfect specimens either. But I really didn't care. My bald head was a good excuse for them. The one really good thing about the beach and these messed up boobs... I created an easy "bed" for my boobs in the sand so I could lie on my stomach for the first time in 5 months! Presenting my Boob Bed! 

All and all it was an amazing trip. Amazing company. Beautiful Views. Relaxing Vibes. And was a great celebratory trip that revitalized my soul, confidence and cells that the chemo had killed off. 


Dani and my tanlined girls and burnt head