Miss New Boobies!

I HAVE MY BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes I couldn't be more excited! Surgery was Friday, April 15th at 7:30 am. To explain what this one is, they are taking out my Breast Expanders - the bags of saline that my Plastic Surgeon put in back In October during the Mastectomy and that he has been pumping up with saline. And replacing them with my Breast Implants. The ones I will keep for 10-15 years. (I will probably have to replace them 2 more times in my life, which is standard)

The expanders were dreadfully uncomfortable things that felt hard as rocks. Literally hard as rocks. People would hug me and be gentle and would be like, oh I'm sorry, did I hurt you. I'm like no, I'm not sore anymore, but did I HURT YOU is the question?!!! They were boxy, flat and aesthetically not pleasing. Which is a hard thing to live with for 6 months, especially as a woman of 30. 

All week I was nervous and excited. Flashbacks of my feelings during my first surgery would hit me. Like the fears of going under anesthesia and not knowing what you are going to look like when you wake up. Hoping everything goes well. Even just those initial nerves of the whole first month were floating back. But isn't that what happens a lot at the end, you think about the beginning?!

Wanting my breasts to try and get back to some kind of normal was important to me. Obviously I need to preface, that making sure we killed Cancer and it never comes back has been the FIRST priority. But as a 30 year old, non married woman with a lot of years left on this body and boobs, I still wanted them looking good. 

So the nerves also leading up to this surgery were a little bit different. 

Truth is I had extreme faith in my plastic surgeon. I knew I had the right man for the job. 

So I go into surgery, they initially say only like 1.5 hours, then a few hours of recovery and then I should go home since it was an outpatient procedure. Well apparently I underestimate how much a perfectionist my Plastic Surgeon is because he spent over 3 hours in the OR with me. I knew he would be doing some more "twerking" things out since my breasts were pretty uneven going in. My right was bigger than my left to begin with and since my tumor was in my left, more tissue and skin was taken off of my left. So he definitely twerked it out to some pretty even looking breasts. 

When my plastic surgeon talked to my parents while I was in recovery and myself when I was out of my groggy phase, you could tell he was extremely proud of the work he did. He just had a baby a few weeks before, so in my mind I imagine him walking around his colleagues, and showing pictures of his adorable baby girl and oh yeah check out these amazing breast cancer survivor breasts I just perfected. Well I like to think of it that way anyways. (Which I am fine with that if he did by the way)

My good guy friend is in Medical Device Sales and he actually sat in on the surgery and watched it all. And all he kept on saying to me after was "perfection." This is a good guy friend who I have to say now knows my breasts better than anyone else (other than my plastic surgeon of course). It also felt good to have him there as a little protector of said breasts. 

You can already tell how natural they look just under the surgical bra and shirt. And I have peeked and am amazed. Everything is still swollen, but no bruising, no drains, definitely more squeezable and definitely more natural. I CANNOT wait to show them off! 

Swelling will still take 1-2 months before they completely go down so I won't know for sure until then. I told him to go bigger, so they will probably be like a F and have Dolly Parton a run for her money!


We totally went down in size so I will probably be like a big C or a small D. They are perfect. Not too big, Not too small. Shape looks great! Nipples are perfect (I know you were worried). 

Dani and new NEW BOOBIES!!! 

Oh yeah and definitely a final relief as this was the last big step! And now to get back to my "new normal"