test drive

First time the new girls were seen in a bikini. Not bad. Not bad.

Had a quick get away trip to the Outer Banks, NC and granted it was still pretty chilly out, I was determined to get some sun action...and test the new girls out. They are still "ridin' proud" (as my plastic called it). But they are gradually dropping and becoming less swollen and getting to their final "look." I've had to wear an elastic strap across the top of them that wraps around back under my arm pits. It helps push 'em down. Luckily, I only have to wear that for a few more weeks because it is getting hard to find freakin' shirts that cover it.

Other breaking news...I'm officially out of menopause! (I'll let your mind get what that meant - sorry dudes).

See ya later hot flashes (which I'm dreading going through that again...but yeah, probably not forever so yeah, see ya....in 5-10 years if I decide to get my ovaries & tubes removed or 20+ years for it naturally to hit me). Now I also have to be preventative and screen my ovaries on the reg as well. I just had an initial screening. She also recommended for me to remove my ovaries and tubes at 35. I'm like....thats when my oncologist said I'm able to start having babies...can I have a shot at that before you start cutting more things out of me? She laughed and said of course. 

Even though I'm out of menopause it doesn't mean that we are sure my eggs have survived and are undamaged. Which is why we still got those eggs in the bank! Hollaaa at my eggs!!! 

More good news...people comment on my short hair CUT! I have officially gotten out of the "chemo head" phase and into real hair...to quote Pinocchio "I'm a real boy!" I chose that correctly, because yes, I have boy hair right now and I'm wrapping my boobs like Christina Ricci in Now and Then when she use duck tape to stop them from growing...

Honest Thought: Let me preface that I'm so very insanely happy with my new healthy smaller breasts. I have had the best doctors and the most amazing outcome. And I also am excited to expand my wardrobe and also buy smaller dresses and shirts. Good things come to smaller boobs. But as things are slowing down and coming to an end and I realize "Holy Sh*t, I just had cancer" I've had serious boob envy. Especially over my old ones. So I want you all to squeeze your ladies for me. (meaning your lady boobs or your lady friend's boobs) Because you do miss them when they are gone. And I realized I had some great ones. While your in there check yourself too for crazy lumps. 

Oh well, moving on...time to make new memories with the newer model. Complete with high jacks, full inspections, tire rotations and replacement engines for the rest of my life. 

Test Drove. and APPROVED.

Dani and her proud ladies