One year OUT.

One year ago TODAY, September 1, 2015, I called my doctor to book an appointment to check out this lump I found in my breast. 

It has been both the shortest and longest year of my life. I feel like I have been waiting for September to hit so I can officially call it ONE YEAR OUT!

Life for me now is just getting back to my new normal. I've noticed some days stress and anxiety hit me really hard over little stuff or not at all in comparison to how I had reacted before. I feel pretty normal, just trying to work off my chemo carbs and get endorphins rolling. I've come to the realization that my boobs will never be normal, but I am now so comfortable with them, I can't remember my old ones. They are now a part of me. My battle wounds. 

This week has felt a little I think I have been counting down the days to say it has been ONE year. And September marks the spot of my finding and diagnosis. So lots of emotions have been flying this week. All those crazy panic emotions of when something like that shocks your whole core and your just trying to figure out something. 

Even more so since I've been in touch with a few recent amazing women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer over the past month. I feel so honored and happy that my story and my experience can help prepare them on their journey ahead. My first comment has been....

Well welcome to the pink sister isn't a very popular club but the membership seems to be rising exponentially. But once you are in it, you have a greater appreciation and outlook for life than you could ever dream of! And you instantly become bonded with some immediate friends and support by those who are in it. 

I am also participating in the Charlottesville Women's Four Miler this Saturday. The race benefits Breast Cancer Care at U.Va Hospital. I'm so happy to walk this with my whole RPS team (minus our one boy, who will be cheering us on the sidelines) and extremely happy to raise money and be a part of something that could help others catch their breast cancer early. This will be my second "race" benefiting breast cancer over the past year. The last one was kind of emotional as I still looked like I had chemo left over hair and kind of the first time I've been put in that public "survivor" label. This one will be equally emotional as I celebrate one year of my diagnosis. I hope that feeling will eventually fade, but I have a feeling it won't really. Nor do I think I want it to fade...seems to make me feel more alive. You can donate to our race if you can or just cheer us on or just raise awareness to this cancer and all cancers that seem to becoming an epidemic. 

And for those who are currently battling Breast Cancer, I hope and pray you have your One Year soon so you too can rejoice in...


Dani and all her amazing pink sisters