What a week,
tomorrow is my two year anniversary of being free
but yet I still feel so meek. 

Today, oh today,
is the 22 year anniversary of my grandmother's passing
but I still feel her here in a way.

Two days ago,
a sweet family member was diagnosed
so it is really hard to let go.

Let go of the pain,
it causes us each and every day,
and how we try so hard to stay sane.

But we try.
I guess that is all we can do
and somehow we will all get by.

Focusing on the new,
like my two healthy shapes of silicone,
that I'm still getting used to. 

Sending the old out
into the crazy abyss of the universe,
so it can reroute.

Hoping it comes back,
into that blissful moment as two hummingbirds
enjoy their sweet snack.